How to use flash for your photography: Post-sunset portraits

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Everyone shoots during the golden hour, but stay out a little longer and you’ll see everything turn a deep blue. This is known as the ‘blue moment’.

If you turn your camera’s white balance to Tungsten, the effect becomes even more pronounced, but unfortunately it turns your model blue, too.

Lift their spirits (and their skin tone) with a colour temperature orange (CTO) gel over the flash. This will make their skin tone look natural while using Tungsten white balance.

Let’s look at the specifics…

Step by step: The twilight zone

1. Shallow and late

Around 20 minutes after sunset, the sky will turn deep blue. Set your camera to its Aperture Priority mode and select a wide aperture. Now, take a shot of your model and look at the shutter speed, before switching to the manual mode and keying in the same settings. Reduce the shutter speed by one stop to underexpose the image.

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