Iron Man: 10 Avengers He’s Close To (And 10 He Can’t Stand To Be In The Same Room With)

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Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, is one of the Avengers’ oldest and most important members. He helped found the team in 1963, and although he has taken several breaks over the years, he always seems to find his way back to them. Whether as leader, follower or financier, Iron Man has contributed to an untold number of the Avengers’ many victories. He has a reputation for having an insufferably large ego, but the number of Avengers he can count as close allies belies that description. He even has more than a few good friends on the team. It’s really not all that surprising, when you think about it. The Avengers are their world’s greatest heroes, so there’s no way they could be as effective as they are if one of their biggest names did nothing but drive everyone bananas.

There are exceptions, of course. No one can be friends with everyone, and there are certainly a few Avengers that Iron Man just can’t play nice with, or vice versa and when two Avengers clash, the results are always explosive! This list will look at ten Avengers that Iron Man has probably unfriended on every social media account he has. And then, just for balance, we’ll also highlight ten Avengers that he has formed close friendships with. Some of these list items may be arguable, since each relationship has inevitably had its ups and downs. Nevertheless, this list will provide you with a pretty good guide on which Avengers should — and should not — be seated next to Iron Man at team dinners.


Iron Man and Captain America are, along with Thor, the “big three” of the Avengers. From the moment Earth’s Mightiest Heroes found Captain America on ice in Avengers #4, Cap and Iron Man hit it off. Their friendship has been at the core of many an iteration of the Avengers.

Steve and Tony frequently praise each other’s skills and ideas, and they often make an effort to spend time together even when they’re not busy saving the world. While they’ve had some disagreements over how to lead the team — most notably during “Operation Galactic Storm” — they are always able to talk things out. Well, almostalways…


Even under the best of circumstances, the technologically minded Iron Man’s instinctive dislike of magic would make it difficult for him to work with Doctor Strange, Marvel’s master of black magic. But combine that suspicion with their vastly different approaches to protecting the world, and things can only go downhill from there.

Strange and Stark were both members of the Illuminati, a secret organization composed of the most powerful superheroes on Earth. Strange disagreed with many of Iron Man’s suggestions, including his support of the Superhuman Registration Act, and was even reluctant to join the group in the first place.

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