Leave No Trace Photography 4 Tips That Can Help You Become a More Responsible Creative

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2. Know about local, state, and country laws for photography

Every place is different and laws vary from location to location. But they are in place for a reason and sometimes these laws for photography and videography can come with strict consequences if not complied with.

For example, drones are now prohibited in most national parks to protect endangered wildlife and ecosystems. In some areas of the world, cameras and photography of any kind is forbidden due to the sacred nature of the site, or the fragile nature of that landmark. For example, protected cave systems like Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky do not allow flash photography because the excessive light actually damages the soft limestone walls and formations of the cave that take years to form.

They may seem frustrating at first, but these rules are in place for a reason to protect our planet, preserving the past and protecting the present so there can be a bright future. It’s our job to comply.

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