The 20 hottest wearable tech startups to watch in 2018

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Over the last few years we’ve seen the industry of the connected self morph and change. As is the natural process of evolution, only those who adapt survive, and there’s no better way to get a sign of the times than to look to the startups out there in 2018.

From re-thinking how we use VR to granting new health insights to help us be our best selves – and to saving lives. Heroes have fallen, promising startups have been absorbed by industry giants, and there has even been the odd unlikely return. But there’s no doubt that this industry is as exciting as it’s ever been.

There are many exciting startups with bold, innovative ideas in wearable tech, health, VR, AR and more. Below, we’ve rounded up 20 that we think you should be keeping an eye on in 2018. These folks aren’t messing around.

In no particular order, here are the startups to keep an eye on this year.


Motiv makes building smart rings look easy (it isn’t). Its first product, the $199 Motiv Ring, is a sleek ‘n’ discreet 24/7 sleep, activity and heart rate tracker that’s waterproof and has a three-day battery life. The first big update brings support for Android users, a ‘find my phone’ chime, social sharing in the Your Circle app and even a new Alexa skill so you can get stat updates and advice from the Echo.

Now available to buy on Amazon or try on in b8ta stores in the US, it’s not a perfect product but it’s also hard to overstate just how impressive a task this SF based smart jewellery startup – led by Tejash Unadkat – has carried out. Just look at the trail of malformed and misshapen smart rings in its wake for the proof.


As the wearable market grows and the big boys and girls of the tech world continue to invest billions of dollars into deep health, breaking into the world of wearables is going to become increasingly difficult for startups to manage.

zGlue wants to change that with its new zOrigin platform, which essentially packs everything you need to create a basic fitness tracker into a tiny system-on-a-chip. We’re talking Bluetooth LE radio, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, temperature sensor, vibration monitor, a battery and a Cortex processor.

If it succeeds, zGlue is also looking to make it easy for small companies to create custom chips. Any interested company would just have to request what it wanted in its wearable, like a barometric altimeter or a carbon monoxide sensor, and zGlue would work to make it possible. If it gets what it wants, it could even be the catalyst to an indie wearable revolution.

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