The 25 Deadliest Versions Of Superman

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One of the greatest benefits to DC’s 84+ year publishing history has got to be its use of alternate Earths, reimagined characters and, of course, the Man of Steel. Superman has been a fixture within the comic book industry since he leapt over his first building in a single bound back in 1938. Over the years, DC increased his powers, reduced them and rethought his origin story so many times, the last son of Krypton isn’t truly a single character anymore. There have been more than 25 different people who bore the name Superman in one form or other thanks to alternate timelines, future events and whatever other craziness entered the minds of writers and artists over the years.

Not all Supermen are created equally and while versions such as Christopher Reeve’s take on the character from the first films depicts someone who would rather perish than let harm come to others, they aren’t all like that. Some versions of Superman have been ruthless dictators and beings of wanton destruction who barely noticed the large number of casualties arising from his fighting super-powered beings. These Supermen have racked up bigger body counts than the plague, which makes them some of the deadliest characters in the DC Universe. After digging through the books, we found the 25 deadliest Supermen based either on their proven track record of destruction or simply their potential to cause serious harm and damage were they left to their own devices. If we missed any of your favorites, don’t forget to shout out in the comics, and also let us know which Superman you think is the deadliest of them all!


Superman grew up just like his familiar counterpart in this alternate reality but went on to form a team called the Justice Lords (instead of the Justice League). Following President Lex Luthor’s execution of the Flash, he stormed the White House, declared himself finished with heroism and executed the President on the spot.

Following the execution, Superman traveled the world lobotomizing criminals and villains. He and his fellow members of the Justice Lords became Earth’s guardians, but more akin to prison guards for everyone on the planet than a peaceful protector. Though not technically evil, this Superman was far from benevolent.

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