The One-Eyed King: 20 Things About Cyclops (That Only True X-Men Fans Know)

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Cyclops is one of the most legendary characters in Marvel history. He is the first X-Man and, more often than not, he’s been a crucial part of the team (for better or worse). At times, Scott Summers has proven himself to be one of the best heroes in the Marvel Universe, however, he’s also shown that he’s a not so great at being married, being a father and can be, generally, an off-putting character. At his worst, Scott Summers is an extremist that had a big hand in the downfall of the X-Men for a few years. Given the stark contrast of Scott’s heroism and his less-admirable traits, Cyclops has become a polarizing figure.

Some fans focus on the Scott we all used to know and love — he was the ideal X-Man and Charles Xavier’s hand-picked leader of the X-Men. Other fans hone in on Summers’ wrongdoings and missteps, particularly as he damaged the legacy of the team. Still other fans pay attention to Scott’s reputation as a flawed husband and father. Who is the real Scott Summers? The truth is that Scott is an imperfect hero that’s doing what he believes is necessary to protect his people. Yes, he’s made some rather large mistakes, as his history of mistreating his romantic partners shows, but Scott can’t be defined by any one of these roles. Instead, he’s a mixture of all of them. To help paint a clearer picture of Cyclops’ legacy, we’re decided to give the fans a list of some of the often-forgotten facts about the First X-Man. By providing a more comprehensive look at Scott, we hope the reader can draw their own conclusions.


Fans often forget that Scott Summers was the first official student at Professor Xavier’s school. Retcons throughout the years have challenged this distinction; for example, later comics established that Charles Xavier helped Jean Grey years before the formation of the X-Men. Additionally, before he met Summers, Xavier also recruited a mutant named Sage but she was not a member of the original team.

Regardless, true fans will remember that Summers was Xavier’s first pick in the X-Men draft. It’s no wonder why the two have always had a particularly special, and complicated, relationship. Scott was always Xavier’s favorite and Cyclops owes his life to the Professor.


“Avengers vs. X-Men” was one of the biggest Marvel events in recent-ish history. This battle pit two of Marvel’s flagship teams against each other but the conflict didn’t quite live up to the hype. Nonetheless, the event provided many memorable moments, with Scott Summers hosting the Phoenix Force being just one of the many story elements that fans will remember for a long time.

Scott has almost always been linked, one way or another, to Jean Grey, the most famous host of the Phoenix Force. The tables turned in “AvX”, when the entity possessed Scott and other X-Men. As a host of the Phoenix Force, Scott went off the rails and he went so far as to end the existence of his longtime mentor, Charles Xavier.

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