These 4 wearables could save your life

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Sidly Care

The Sidly Care is the swiss army knife of medical wearables. Already approved for us in hospitals across Europe, including the UK, the splashproof silicon band measures a whole host of parameters.

It manages to squeeze in monitors to cover heart rate, temperature, steps, atmospheric pressure, and even a fall detector. Then, there’s the lights and sounds to remind patients to take medicine, a Braille-marked SOS button to alert a doctor or nurse in an emergency and a GPS chip to locate a patient in the hospital, or wherever they may be.

All these readings are automatically beamed in real-time, 24/7, wirelessly to the doctor’s computer, tablet or phone, allowing them to easily keep tabs on numerous patients at any time.

At €300, it’s not exactly cheap, and the three week battery could make recharging a hassle, but the benefits are potentially huge.

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